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Kingdom of Andora Empire of Cyngar Empire of Jex'kor Magocracy of Thuld Sands of Shimmering Wealth Erid Isles

Kingdom of Andora

The Kingdom of Andora is one of the largest and most powerful Kingdoms in Sylvaris. Ruled by King Einar and Queen Adora, the Kingdom has prospered through hard work, a diverse population, benevolent rulers, and a strong military.

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Empire of Cyngar

The Empire of Cyngar is a large empire to the east of Andora and is composed primarily of Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings. They are an Empire of steam and innovation.  As a people, they pride themselves on being stalwart, inventive, and loyal. They are the only Kingdom within the world of Sylvaris that has mastered the power of steam and thunder (black powder), and they protect this secret fiercely. The Empire of Cyngar is ruled by a Council of Three: The Lord of Innovation, the Lord of Supply, and the Lord of Protection. Each Lord on the Council of Three is tasked with a singular duty throughout the Empire.

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Empire of Jex'kor

The lands of Jex’kor are situated on the south western coast of Sylvaris. To the north of Jex’kor is the Dragonborn Kingdom known as the Caliphate of Scales. To the east are the Jungles of Yuan, home of the serpent folk slavers and to the north is the noble kingdom of Andora. This leaves the Empire of Jex’kor in a somewhat precarious position geographically, but in some ways, it works to their advantage.

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Magocracy of Thuld

The Mage Lords of Thuld maintain a firm grasp on the lands they each control, but they also recognize the need for larger governance. As such, they founded a senate of mages, a body of political governance that comprises any land-owning mage within the borders of Thuld. All members of the senate are equal in the sense that they each hold one vote, but the less powerful lords are often coerced to vote in favor of one of the more powerful lords.

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Sands of Shimmering Wealth

A brutal desert ruled over by extreme temperatures. The searing sun during the day brings the temperatures up to an average of 100 degrees with extremes as high as 140 degrees. The frigid cold at night after the sun has set drops the temperatures to an average of 25 degrees with extremes getting into the single digits.

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Erid Isles

The primary city of the Erid Isles is the Crystal Spire, a gigantic, hollowed out crystal rising over a hundred feet above the island's surface and an unknown depth underneath it. The Crystal Spire is the center of Erid culture...

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