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Here at Sylvaris, we take the health and well-being of our players and staff very seriously. To that end, we are requiring that all staff, players, and participants in Sylvaris events be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 illness. Fully vaccinated means two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or your single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Preferably, you will be up to date on your vaccine. Up to date means you must have had your booster dose (third dose for Pfizer or Moderna, second dose for Johnson & Johnson) of the vaccine, if eligible, at least two weeks prior to attending an official Sylvaris event. Our first official event is March 26th of 2022.  In order to attend, you must be considered, at minimum, fully vaccinated before march 12th of 2022.

Once you have been vaccinated, please send a picture of your vaccine card to If you are not able to be vaccinated for medical reasons, please reach out to the GMs via the email above and we will evaluate the situation and try our best to find an appropriate option that maintains the safety of all of our participants. Anyone who submits proof of being up to date on their vaccination at least one week prior to the first event will be awarded 50 Mist Tokens as a thank you for helping keep our community safe.

We recommend that everyone seek out the COVID vaccine for your personal safety and the safety of those you interact with regardless of whether or not you join us in Sylvaris. All major pharmacies and your Primary Care Provider are able to assist you in obtaining the vaccine. Only together, can we overcome COVID.