/  Introduction


Welcome to Sylvaris!

We are a high-immersion, fantasy boffer, and light touch LARP (Live Action Role Play) running in Howell, Michigan. Let’s get started!

First thing’s first, check out the new player guide! Now, let’s dive deeper into the rules!

The rules may feel daunting, but let’s start with the simple part: Which of the races peak your interest? From there, check out the skills and figure out what kind of character you’d like to build!  

Want to learn more about the races? Check out these stories and a few racial narrations as well!

Character QUestions!

Confused, or just have questions? This is a great time to chat with our staff!  This is best done on Discord, Facebook or email.

Thinking about starting items?  The rulebook has a list of them.

! !   Important   ! !
Remember that spells and recipes must be purchased through starting items! So, keep this in mind when you look through the starting items.

Now that you have your character, let’s get it into the system! Contact a Logistics member on Discord or email directly!


Now that you’ve got a character, you need to see when the next event is scheduled! This page has dates and location!

Phys Rep and Garb

“Phys Rep” is a term to describe anything that physically represents an item or thing in the game. This includes weapons, wands, clothing/garb, jewelry, and so much more.

Garb resources and information are found in this document!