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COVID vaccination are required to attend Sylvaris games.
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Hi I'm Doe


"Nah, that's just a tall orc with short legs!" "The orc is eating three meals with six hands and occupying three chairs." "Okay, maybe that's three goblins in a trench coat."

Speaking to bandit leader "COOPERATE!"


"My fields and taters have been destroyed!" Cindersong: "So it's not time sensitive," goes to the bar for a drink.


"Jus' 'cause I'm from Grand Centralia dinna mean I frequent the gamblin' houses an' brothels."


First and foremost, thank you for checking out Sylvaris. We promote a light-touch, high-immersion LARP focused not solely on telling excellent stories for you, but also to give you chances to create stories of your own to share and embellish to your heart’s content. All of us on staff succeed when a community built on creativity and enjoyment flourishes. That success is impossible without you: the players.

Sylvaris, being a collaborative and living world, will always be a safe place to comment, make suggestions, and ask questions. Feedback on any scale of a project is important and the game cannot improve without it. No group can see all perspectives. As such, never be afraid to ask questions or offer suggestions. This is no more vital than when it pertains to the safety and comfort outside of the game. We wish to provide a place to create, and that is only at its best from a sense of safety. Feel free to approach Sylvaris staff and we will do everything we can to help you make our world thrive. If one staff member cannot address your concern, or does not have an answer for you, they will find someone who can. The bar at Raven’s Rest will be the central location to find a staff member for questions both in and out of game. So, grab your mug, belly up to the bar, and join in shaping our world.

“Well, if ya ‘ave skin in the game and bones ya dunna mind broken, ya may yet make a name ‘ere.”

Welcome to Sylvaris.