Laws of Andora

  /  Laws of Andora
  1. An individual may not do harm to another unless in defense of themselves, another, or under specific decree from the nobility of Andora.
  2. An individual may not take that which does not belong to them.
  3. An individual may take appropriate steps to secure their property from intrusions, provided these steps do not violate another Andoran Law. Agents of the nobility or magistrates may be granted specific written permission which expressly negates this law with regards to them. This written permission must be declared and shown prior to entering the property whenever possible.
  4. The nobility are the magistrates within the lands of Andora. They may appoint individuals within their lands to act in their stead for these matters.
  5. All nobles, and their appointed magistrates, must adhere to the written laws of the land. As empowered individuals, any crimes committed by a noble or appointed magistrate shall have punishment doubled upon them where possible.
  6. All individuals within Andora are expected to contribute to the well being of Andora. As such, a monthly tax is levied by the crown. This tax may never exceed one half of an individual estimated monthly earnings and may never leave an individual in a position to be unable to sustain themselves and their family. (OOG Note: For PCs, this tax is considered part of your event upkeep unless specifically noted by staff with regards to events happening in-game).
  7. An individual may not practice the arts of Blood Magic, Necromancy, or Witchcraft/Warlockery as defined by the Andoran Council of Wizardry.
  8. An individual may not practice the arts of Blood Crafting, Contagionism, or Dark Healing as defined by the Andoran Council of Sciences.
  9. The practice of Contract Magic is highly regulated and may only be practiced with express written permission from the Andoran Council of Wizardry or a High Noble of Andora that details the exact purpose and degree within which such magics may be performed.
  10. The nobility of Andora has the right to maintain standing military forces, not to exceed one tenth of the total population of their lands. In times of great danger, such as war, the local nobility may conscript individuals within their lands for the purpose of defending lands in concordance with the Articles of Conscription as detailed by the Andoran Military Council.