Kingdom of Andora

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The Kingdom of Andora is one of the largest and most powerful kingdoms in Sylvaris. Ruled by King Einar and Queen Adora, the Kingdom has prospered through hard work, a diverse population, benevolent rulers, and a strong military.

The Kingdom of Andora is primarily a human kingdom, but it is also a welcoming place treating most peaceful races as honored allies or appreciated guests. Thanks to this welcoming nature it is not uncommon to find Dwarves, Gnomes, or Halflings of Cyngar, Elves of the woodlands, Totemics from the Northlands, or even Dragonborn within its borders. In some places, whole communities of other races have established themselves and so long as they obey the laws of the land, pay their taxes to the local nobility like anyone who lives in Andora, and cause no problems, they are allowed to flourish.

The people of Andora live good lives. They work hard and, in genera,l do well with that hard work. Most of the people of Andora take pride in whatever role or vocation they fill within society, be it a simple bread baker to a court wizard. With some of the best farmland in all of Sylvaris, food is generally plentiful in Andora and is a primary export of the Kingdom. It is frequently traded to the empire of Cyngar for steel or weapons and technology that it can use to equip and protect its people. 

All of this certainly makes Andora seem like an ideal place to live, a sort of a luxury kingdom. While its success as a kingdom has made it several allies, the Totemics to the north, the Empire of Cyngar to the east, the Elves and Fairies in the forests to the northwest, this success has also garnered it some enemies. Namely the Serpentfolk of the Jungles of Yuan and the Lich Lords of the Empire of Jex’kor, neighboring kingdoms to the southwest who often conspire together against the Kingdom of Andora. 

Also of note, are two other lands which border the Kingdom of Andora. The Magocracy of Thuld and the Caliphate of Scales. The Magocracy of Thuld is an isolationist kingdom ruled by despotic wizards. The Caliphate of Scales is home to tribes of Dragonborn. The Caliphate of Scales is said to be ruled by a council consisting of the six oldest Dragonborn in all of Sylvaris, one from each element.