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Sylvaris Rulebook (PDF)

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Sylvaris is a world of magic, mystery, and exploration. That includes within the character you
develop themself. Each character has a choice to make regarding a Calling. A Calling is
designed to be a way to specialize your character and give it a little bit of something special.
The idea behind Callings is that it represents what your character is drawn toward, not strictly
from a skill usage and mechanical perspective, but what it is that is intrinsically important to your
character. Click Here

Character Sheet

Copy to your own drive and have fun building characters!

General Temp Crafting Form

Printable sheet to make general tags (temporary only).

Augment Temp Crafting Form

Printable sheet to make augment tags (temporary only).

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Garb - Costuming - Phys Rep

Sylvaris Garb Guide

Garb or costuming refers to anything you wear to represent your character. This could be, but not limited to: clothing, armor, jewelry, books, and weapons.

“Phys Rep” is reference to a physical representation of an in-game item.