Getting Started

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Welcome to Sylvaris!

What to I need to do before my first game?

  1. Take a look at the rules here.
  2. Next build a character yourself or ask our new player martials for assistance! (best found on Facebook or Discord).  Please submit character sheets to
  3. Send a picture of your vaccine card to you can read a full explanation here.
  4. Check the the Events section for the next event, and pre-reg for the event!
  5. You may then pay online or in person at check in.  If paying online you can use the Paypal links in the Events section.
  6. You are ready for the event!
Things to consider:
  • Costuming, Weapons, Armor, Props, etc.   You can check out this guide!
  • Bedding and/or Tenting.  We do have bunks on site, but you will need bedding (pillows, blankets and sheets).
  • Food, we do offer a meal plan for $10 for the weekend.  You may also bring your own.  I always suggest snacks!
  • Check out the multitude of lore we have posted!
  • Write up a background / history and submit it to
  • Come chat with us, check out props, costuming, and more within the community of Sylvaris on our Discord!