Local Area

Bredon's Outpost: The military outpost located near Bredon’s Village.  This outpost has a garrison of roughly 100 Andoran soldiers under the command of Captain Torvin.

Bredon's Village: A modest-sized village that originally came into being around the military outpost that was established by Andora.  Over time the village has grown and become a rather nice place to make a living.  The current mayor is a halfling named Twiggletoes who runs the local tavern, the Raven’s Rest.

Granite Falls: A large town several days travel to the east of Bredon’s. The town has a large granite quarry and stone mining operation. Granite Falls is a rough-and-tumble sort of town where just about anything is available with enough coin.

Silverbrooke: A village that sprung up around a silver mine.  Silverbrooke is ruled over by a Silver Dragonborn named Lord Pydin, a fair and orderly individual who takes care of the people of Silverbrooke.

Thistlewood: Predominantly Elven and Beast-Kin in population, with many practitioners of herbs and alchemy, protected by archers and warriors who are often not seen until they wish to be.  Eldest Veskara’tia sits at the head of the Council of Elders.  She is almost always seen with Seer Etri, an owl Beast-Kin, her advisor.

Fairview: A sprawling village of Halfling and Human farmers and artisans.  Fairview supports Bredon’s Outpost and Village with food and small goods, in exchange for protection when needed by the Outpost and adventurers of the Raven’s Rest.  Mayor Elsbee is currently in charge of Fairview, but some argue the Knitting Circle runs him.


Newly found village founded by the Champions of Bredon's lead by Erikson.  Elemental survivors also reside here.